Sunday, December 2, 2012

Feelin' Festive

I love Christmas! I really love dragging out all of my decorations and dressing up the house. I love putting up the Christmas tree and hanging ornaments up with the boys. And I love the anticipation the boys have leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to see if Santa came for a visit.

We had a very productive week and weekend of getting lights up on the outside of the house (thanks honey!) and getting the inside all prettied up. I still have more I want to do, and a storage tub FULL of miscellaneous Christmas ball ornaments that I have big ideas for.

Here are some snapshots of what I have been up to:

Grandma's ceramic Christmas tree.

Ornament Weath (inspiration found here)

Stocking Hanger (inspiration found here)

 Here's wishing you the opportunity to feel like a kid again as the excitement for Christmas builds.

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