Friday, April 27, 2012

Flowers from The Henrys' Plant Farm

Last weekend we ventured out to The Henrys' Plant Farm to get some flowers for our sad, empty flower pots. I decided this year to pretty much (within reason) let the boys pick whatever flowers they thought I would like best. We got some of my favorites, Lantana and Alyssum, the boys insisted that I needed pink Impatients and purple Pansies, and we are trying out a few new ones as well, Gazania and Sanvitalia. I think they all turned out nicely, I am hoping they last through the summer!

Julian with Franny the Frog (she was part of his Kindergarten class journaling project, more on that later), getting the supplies ready.

Here's wishing you a beautiful spring!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Egg Hunting Season is Open!

Today we got to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, yesterday was another story. We prepared to head out to the annual Easter Egg Hunt only to be greeted by a heavy spring shower. It was quickly, and quite smoothly I might add, moved to the gym down the street. The boys had a wonderful time and a FULL baskets by the time we left.

This morning the boys were excited to get up to see if the Easter Bunny had visited our house. Sure enough, they peeked outside and there on the sidewalk was a trail of jelly beans the Easter BUnny had left behind. He left baskets full of goodies inside the house and hid eggs out in the front yard. The boys were happy with their loot and went on to spend the rest of the gorgeous day outside playing baseball and racing their powerwheel truck against grandpa who was driving the riding lawn mower.

Easter Bunny evidence

Here's wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

Easter is in the Air

We have spent the last few days preparing for the Easter Bunny's visit. The boys made Easter Bunnies out of paper plates with grandma for an afternoon craft project. And remember that picture frame I posted about before, that I was going to use for seasonal decorating? Well, I finally took down the Thanksgiving decorations that were in it (we can be thankful for what we have for longer than the day right?), and updated it with Easter garland. We also dyed our Easter eggs, and if I might say so myself, I think they turned out quite nicely.

I got this great idea from Pinterest to use paint chip cards to make Easter Eggs.

My paint chip eggs.

Easter frame display

Wishing you happy family time, making memories and making your home bright and cheery!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring is in the Air

One of my very favorties, Red Tulips.
Ok, call me a liar, I know that it really seems to be more summer like right now than spring. After all it has been 90 degrees the last two days. But with a few nice rainshowers and this lovely weather my flowers are starting to bloom like crazy. (Even the ever popular "Dandy Flowers" as Kaleb calls them are in bloom, but we are keeping those picked because they are apparently mommy's favorites!)

Everyday we have something new blooming, I can't wait to get out to The Henrys' Plant Farm and get some of my empty flower pots filled. Be on the lookout for the in process and finished pictures of our lovely creations. By the way, if you live around here you should take the kids out to Henry's. They not only have beautiful flower gardens to walk through and beautiful flowers to buy, but they also have all kinds of farms animals for the kids to check out.

One of my MANY bouquets of "Dandy Flowers".

Tulips, Iris, Daffodils and Lilies
Blue and Purple Windflowers

Azalea bush full of blooms.

Here's wishing you a spring (or summer!) that is just as delightful to the soul as it is to the eyes.