Saturday, February 25, 2012


In an effort to give the boys some games to play that #1: don't contain a million pieces, #2 they can play quietly together or on their own and #3 does not involve some type of electronics or game system, we have turned them into little cardsharks. I like to think that playing 21 (aka blackjack) is more of a fun math game as opposed to playing poker. They have also mastered go fish, old maid and solitare (Kaleb has also picked up on the fine art of cheating at solitare.) Below are the sharks in action:

Serious game of 21 in action

Helping Dad keep track of the aces in solitare

Kaleb finishing up his game of solitare

Just a couple of handsome guys!

Here's wishing you all a chance to unplug and enjoy a few simple games together as a family.

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