Monday, March 12, 2012

5 minutes

This weekend I was just looking for something quick that I could do for just a little "me" time. Thanks to the great ideas on pinterest (you can click on the link on the sidebar and follow my boards too!) I have been holding onto a couple of Kevin's t-shirts hoping to turn them into something useful so, I decided to try to make an infinity scarf out of them. I decided to use 3 different shirts and now I have an endless amount of ways to wear my new accessories (one color alone, 2 or 3 mixed together and as many or as few as I want). I am not kidding either when I say that this took me 5 minutes to make this, go ahead find one of your hubby's old shirts and try it out yourself.

Here are the shirts I chose, I used size XL and XXL. I will definitely be checking out the thrift store for some bright colors for the spring and summer.

Cut off the bottom hem, don't worry about how straight your cut is.

Cut the shirt again, from one underarm to the other.

Now cut your shirt into 1 1/2 to 2 inch strips, again don't worry about how neat your cutting is.

Hire a couple of strong guys (or girls) to stretch your strips as far as they can. I pay mine in M&M's, it seems to work out well for everyone.

Here is the finished product, ready to wear, no sewing required.

Here's wishing you 5 minutes of peace to find your inner creative side.

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