Thursday, July 12, 2012

Make a SPLASH!

What better way to celebrate a summer birthday than with a water party. For his birthday this year Julian invited a few school friends over for the afternoon to enjoy cool treats and lots and lots of water.

Pre-party line-up
Handmade invitations were sent out to spread the word.

Blue jello cups and swedish fish along with a heaping bowl of goldfish crackers filled the snack table. We also had popsicles later on as a break from the water festivities.

Julian and Kaleb decorated the Thank You/Treat Bags, and guests also got to take home the water squirter they picked out to play with outside.

Two tubs of water balloons were gone in about 10 minutes flat and the big tubs of water for the squirters were refilled numerous times. Since the temperature was a slightly balmy 106 degrees that day Daddy brought home a 40 bag of ice from work to add to the water tubs, the water was nice and chilly for the kids. I don't think they noticed the heat outside or the ice cold water they were shooting at each other, they all had a blast!

Here's wishing you time to cool off and chill out with your favorite buddies!

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