Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rock Chalk Birthday

This year for the boys' combined birthday party with family they requested a Jayhawk theme. Easy enough, we kept things pretty simple and they were more than happy with the results.

Plain white cards, stamped and stickered
Stamped inside for details and a "Cheat Sheet" with
the boys' sizes and likes.

The spread of Crimson and Blue treats.
Red Velvet cupcakes with white frosting
and red and blue sugar sprinkles.

The two tasty treats below were a couple of Pinterest finds that I couldn't wait to test out. The cake I have had pinned for quite a while, I knew as soon as I saw it I had to make it, the boys favorite candies are M&M's and Kit Kats. I altered it a little from the original idea, I cut my Kit Kats so they didn't tower over the cake and I used mini M&M's (sorted by color of course).

By the way this cake lasted all of 5 minutes at the party,
not an M&M was left.

The original idea for these cookies is awesome, but I was lazy and didn't make it to the bakery supply shop for the correct sprinkles (also it was like 110 degrees outside and the last thing I wanted to do was walk around downtown). I ended up using red and blue sugar sprinkles and it worked, they were super yummy!

Here's wishing you many happy birthdays! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, GO KU!!

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  1. FUN!!!! This looks like such a great party!!! :) Good job!