Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not Impressed

Here lately the boys feel the need to constantly be all over the cat; petting him, carrying him around, pulling his tail, batting at his paws, etc. Odie is pretty patient with them, but he also lets them know when he has had quite enough of the "loving".

Kaleb has taken to building Odie his own house using the ottoman and pillows. I tell him that I don't think Odie really needs his own house, but Kaleb insists that he does and that he likes it. He starts out building the sides, and the carries Odie over and ever so gently places him inside the house, and then puts a roof on it. Kaleb is always very proud of his houses and lets you know that Odie loves his house. I'll let you judge how much Odie loves his house, I'm pretty sure he is not as impressed as Kaleb is.

The master builder at work.

Odie already inside his house, waiting for the finishing touches.

The pleased homeowner, enjoying his peace and quiet.

Here's wishing you time to do nice things for others, whether they appreciate it or not.

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