Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Pinterest Top 5

On to this week's top 5. I am already noticing that a lot of recipes are going into these lists, I will try to keep a good balance between food and other items. I am also noticing that in doing these posts I am finding pins that don't have good links, so it is helping me clean up some of my boards. I will try my best to post links to the items that are in my top 5, and if it's something I really like and the link is no good I will let you know.

Now on to the list:

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Chicken Enchilada Soup - I have been waiting and waiting for the weather to cool off so I can start testing out my new soup recipes (watch for more in the upcoming weeks!). This soup was really good and we topped ours with shredded cheese, sour cream and crushed tortilla chips.

Chocolate Dipped Granola Bars - I saw these on a recent episode of "Pioneer Woman" and think they look super tasty. I especially like that recipe does not use peanut butter, which so many granola bar recipes do. We are a peanut-free house and this would be perfect for us.

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Easy DIY Ottoman - Unfortunately this pin is one of those with a link that is not helpful. The description on the pin is for a DIY ottoman. It says " Easy to make ottoman with plywood, double layer of foam, wood legs from Home Depot and your favorite fabric!". The link is to a store's website selling the ottoman pictured for $319! I'm pretty sure I can make one just like it for quite a bit less, I already have the wood so I am already ahead on the cost, I will post the finished product on here when I get it done.

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Jayhawk-O-Lantern Stencil - We are going to have the coolest pumpkins on our street, need I say more?!

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Pilgrim Hat Cookies - While I am thinking about the cool fall weather, I am pretty sure these will be making an appearance this Thanksgiving. I think this will be a good one to make with the boys.

Here's wishing you a happy (and cooler!!) fall!

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