Sunday, September 30, 2012

What a GORGEOUS fall weekend!

I love the fall. What more can you ask for: weather in the low 70's, cloudy skies, windows open and fun times with friends and family. This weekend was just awesome, I sure hope this fall weather sticks around for a long time.

This is the lovely view out of my dining room windows and off the back deck. The trees are just starting to change colors, which makes these views even better!

I started my weekend off running my first 5K with my friend Courtney. Our time wasn't too bad, and we didn't finish last (which was the ultimate goal), but I was a little disappointed in the amount of walking I needed to do. I thought for sure I would be able to run a lot longer stretches than I was able to. Oh well, I guess that means I just need to keep trying.

Amost done with the first mile.

Getting ready to cross the finish line.

The boys got a basketball goal this weekend from a friend who didn't need theirs anymore. They have been anxiously awaiting their chance to get out and test it out, once it warmed up a little on Sunday they were out the door.

Here are a couple of hints as to what the next project on my list is. I can't wait to get this one done and show you all the finished product.

Here's to gorgeous weather that gets you up and moving with your friends and family!

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