Sunday, October 28, 2012

Julian's First Grade Field Trip

One of many recycled plastic bottle cap art pieces.
Julian's first grade field trip was to the Mulvane Art Museum and ArtLab. The kids got to eat their lunches in the student union first and then they headed to the museum to learn all about paintings and why artists can all look at the same things, yet paint something very different from each other. After that they got to head down to the ArtLab and make their own creations, before being let loose to do some exploring.

This is the group getting instructions on the type of art project they will be creating. The instructions: tear up pieces of paper and glue to your paper plate. Then add paint and texture to your masterpiece.


 Julian went to work tearing his paper, I noticed he was tearing very small pieces, but didn't give it much thought.

Here is what he was doing. Not to bad, if I say so myself.


Putting some chalk graffiti up on the wall.
 Having fun with the mirrors.
 Working with texture.

Here's wishing you a chance to think outside the box and make a masterpiece of your very own.

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