Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kindle Fire Cover

I have slacked off again this week and missed the Wednesday Pinterest Top 5. So, in it's place I will post the details* on the cover I made for my Kindle Fire. I made this sleeve because I could not find something I really liked for my Kindle that did not cost $20 or more. I had all the necessary supplies, why not attempt to make something myself? So here we go, please leave me a comment with your ideas, questions, tips, etc.

Kindle Fire Cover

Here is what I used: upholstery fabric (khaki and red material) for the outside and fleece (gray material) for the interior liner. I wanted something durable for the outside and something soft that was not going to scratch the screen on the inside.

I cut the upholstery fabric first; 20" long and 6" wide (it probably wouldn't hurt to add 1/2" to both the length and the width) and laid it right side down on top of the fleece.

Pin the upholstery fabric to the fleece.

 Cut the fleece using the upholstery fabric as your template.

 Here is the 2 pieces of fabric cut out and still pinned together.

 Sew the 2 long sides and one short side, I didn't measure the seam on this. I just put the edge of the fabric on the outside edge of the presser foot (I know, really technical, right?).

 Here is the finished edge with the wrong sides out.

 Pull the rights sides out through the open end.

 For a little added stability I slipped a piece of chipboard (think cereal box) into the sleeve. This should be an inch shorter than your fabric.

 Stitch the open end shut.

 Fold the sleeve so that bottom meets with the top of the chipboard piece, this should leave you with the extra inch of fabric with nothing inside of it at the top. This will be flap that closes the case.

Stitch both of the long edges together on each side.
 This is what your finished edge will look like when you are done.
 Here is the finished product. I haven't decided what would work best for me as a fastener, it will either be velcro or small snaps.

*Please note: this is a tight fitting sleeve for the Kindle Fire, feel free to adapt this as you see fit. When measuring I would definitely error on the side of measuring a little big, not a little small. This is just my process, more meant to be guidelines and/or an idea generator for your to use to make your own covers for your tablet/e-reader.

Here's wishing you the time to get creative and make something instead of running out to buy it.

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