Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pinterest Top 5

A short and sweet top 5 this week:

We made this for dinner tonight. I slightly modified the recipe, I only used one can of cream of chicken soup and added a can of corn. Julian requested that next time we make it we add black beans, I think that was a great idea!
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Chicken Tortilla Bake

This is a super yummy looking dessert from one of my favorite bloggers.
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Nutella Cakes

I love these! You better believe that handyman of the house is going to get asked to make these. I think they would be great for the boys' rooms; clothes would be sorted nicely, and/or toys could easily be put away here too.
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Storage Bins

This is what I am envisioning for my front yard next spring, at least my own version of this. We need something out front and is simple, but still makes a statement.
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Corner Landscaping

I am going to give this a try next summer with fresh cucumbers.
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Cucumber Salsa

Here's wishing you time to find something "PINteresting" to do with your time.

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