Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday Pinterest Top 5

What a long week we had last week, sorry for not getting around to my Top 5 last Wednesday. Now that Odie is getting back to feeling more like himself, I am getting back to the things I try to do on a regular basis during the week. I think some people refer to it as that elusive thing called "me time", working out, blogging, wasting time researching interesting things on Pinterest, attempting to make whatever pin has grabbed my attention, etc. It's hard when you are a mom, whether you are working outside the home or staying at home with the kids, to find this "me time". I think mine is buried in the back of the closets with the toys that are ever so neatly "picked up" by the little boys in my household.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here is my Pinterest Top 5 for this week:

What kid would not love to have their very own tent? What mom would not love an easy to create and set-up tent? Not to mention how little space they take up, you could slide it under the bed when it's not being used.
Pinned Image
Simple Tents

These will definitely be making an appearance at out house this fall. The boys love making hand turkeys, and I think this is cute!
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Hand Turkeys 2.0

I made these roll-ups this weekend. They are so easy to put together and are tasty too!
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Salsa Roll-ups

I read this book this summer, I think I cried through the majority of it. It is a great book and really helps you put your life and daily struggles into perspective. Highly recommend it (and keeping a box of kleenex nearby too).
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Heaven Is Here

Pretty sure I need to make one of these signs for my laundry room.
Pinned Image
Laundry Schedule

Here's wishing you a chance to hunt down and find your "me time".

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